Windshield Washer Systems

VDO high-performance windshield washer systems are designed and engineered to deliver rugged reliability even in difficult off-road conditions. Our windshield washer systems have proven their effectiveness in high volume production for both on and off-highway vehicles. We offer complete kits for cleaning both front and rear windshields, and they can be easily configured to meet specific vehicle requirements.

VDO Windshield Washer Systems include:

  • Washer fluid container (from 1.5L to 6L)
  • Mono pumps (12V / 24V) and dual pumps
  • Nozzle systems (normal & heated)
  • Connecting elements
  • Tubes
  • Connection cables
  • Back-pressure valves
  • On request, a reserve level switch can be integrated as a warning when the remaining level is low
Windshield Washer Systems

Windshield Washer Systems

Complete kits for cleaning both front and rear windshields.


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