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VDO Racing Fuel Injectors

VDO Deka Racing Fuel Injectors feed the need for speed with OE reliability and flow of up to 220 lbs/hr

VDO offers some of the fastest reacting injectors available, built to the same stringent standards for quality and performance as the state-of-the-art injectors we supply to carmakers around the globe. Pros choose VDO injectors for their accurate flow rates, robust components and unmatched reliability under demanding race conditions.

Now we’ve upped the flow rate for even greater performance. Our latest Deka Racing Fuel Injector (Part #FI114212) delivers a precision pencil spray at an average flow rate of 220 lbs/hr and offers standard plug-and-play, o-ring to o-ring length.

VDO Deka Injectors give you choices for every application:

  • Coverage for Gasoline, E85 and Alcohol
  • High and low impedance
  • USCAR and Standard connections
  • Pencil and cone spray
  • 36 lbs/hr (374cc/min) to 220 lbs/hr (2,286cc/min)
  • Short, standard and long configurations

Download the spec sheets for all VDO Racing Fuel Injectors from the Downloads section at right.

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